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About Us

Disenio Design Studio was founded in Warsaw in 2010. Our expertise covers professional architecture development and interior design (interior of apartments, houses, public utility facilities, offices, sales centres).

Our basic principle is the individual approach to each design. We listen to our clients attentively, offering functional solutions tailored to their needs. We are always aware of the current trends and technical possibilities, which is reflected in the top standards of functionality and aesthetics of our designs.

We rely on simple forms and good quality materials. We derive inspiration from Nature, taking advantage of stone, timber and natural fabrics. Appropriate lightening is just as high on our priority list. Properly designed, it can expose the interior’s best qualities and underline its character. Carefully selected accessories contribute to establishing a unique character and recognizable style of our designs. Combining all these factors allows to accomplish the effect of timeless elegance, which is never out of fashion.

Keeping our clients’ growing needs in mind, we perform comprehensive project implementation - from conceptual design to interior finishing, purchasing finishing materials and furniture and delivering them to your house. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.